Thursday, 30 October 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre For London Joins Forces With Other CreativeAgencies To #GrowTechCity

It's official. I am now the "social-lead" of a project coming from Centre for London called Connecting Tech City (#GrowTechCity).

I am pleased to announce that Hai Media Group [the public relations consultancy I work for] is going to be supporting this project, and I'll be part of the team. It's a six month project that begins today, and will officially launch in March, and its aim is to start a tech revolution!

Firstly, let me begin by explaining to you what the project actually is, and why we're doing it... This project focuses on getting young people into technology learning programmes and jobs in Tech City. Check out the press release here

Those involved in this important project understand that there is a shortage of jobs for young people, and believe that the "Next Generation" can fill many of the roles needed by exciting tech startups in the Tech City area.  

Centre for London and Connecting Tech City are playing a major role in the creation of a tech-savvy future for young people, filled with jobs that demand tech skills. 

Hai Media Group, Pleo and Rosie Lee [other agencies that are working with us] are developing the name, logo and online platform for this project -- growing it so that it reaches a wider audience. With backing from many allies inside of Tech City, this project has finally come to life!

Pleo [a leading design agency] are developing the online platform. Rosie Lee [creative agency] are the branding guys, and they're the ones in charge of the logo and title stuff.  Hai Media Group [us] are doing all the public relations and social media outreach, and we're so excited! 

My role is leading social media outreach and connecting with the young people, including hosting regular meetups with the young people invovled. So, you may hear from me soon -- or, if you are interested in getting invovled, just give me a shout-out:

"Teamwork makes the dream work", after all...

In a few weeks, I'll also be attending the O2 Think Big's Digital Jobs event on behalf of this project, which I'll be blogging and tweeting about thereafter.

So, let's do it! Let's #GrowTechCity!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

J-Deite Transformers Official Certification Project

Here's a cool project that launched this month. The "Transformers: Official Certification Project" aims to build a Transformer robot, and it needs your help!

With support, and funding THIS is what could be created! J-Deite are hoping that they'll be able to achieve their dreams by bringing the much-loved Hollywood blockbuster to life.

As you can see from the video, this is just a protype and nothing's certain yet.

Happy National Cat Day From Grumpy Cat

Viral Video of the Day: Daniel Radcliffe Raps on Jimmy Fallon

Vimeo Subscription Service? Maybe.

Users of Vimeo, listen up... YouTube isn't the only platform that's planning to unveil a subscription service, your beloved Vimeo will do the same [and SOONER]!

According to Engadget, Vimeo will beat YouTube to it - if Kerry Trainor's interview with Recode is anything to go by.

Trainor revealed that the firm has already started proceeding to create a subscription option.

Sadly, he didn't give too much away but it's definitely an idea worth considering judging by the success of Vimeo's On Demand service.

Apparently, Trainor believes that his viewers wouldn't mind paying for a "whole world of content".

Would you? Let me know in the comments section, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Toy Story Of TERROR Airs Everyday on Sky Movies Disney

Happy [almost] Halloween y'all!

To celebrate, Sky has been playing Pixar's Toy Story of Terror on Sky Movies Disney, every 30 minutes.

The film is 30 minutes long, so there's no excuse as to why you can't sit down with the kids!

If you don't have kids that's okay too 'cause you could cheekily watch it, I won't tell... ;)

NASA Rocket Explodes Six Seconds After Liftoff

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Is Aire Mask a THING?!

I, for one, have never heard of the story that I'm about to share with you - but apparently it's been around since 2012...

According to UberGizmo, a new [to me] "concept" of charging your smartphone exists... All you need is breath. Yes, BREATH!

I. Don't. Even. Know. What. To. Say. apart from 'it's a good job "breath" can never become extinct', as long as we're alive anyway...

Aire Mask is a mask which stores your breath [when worn], and turns it into juice for your phone [through air turbines] - providing that it's connected, of course.

I'm not sure whether there's small print - there always is with products like this - but my advice would
be consume a breath mint before you use it or else your phone won't be too happy.

There's no restrictions as to when it can be used, and it's envioromentally friendly which is a bonus. 

Reports suggest that this is "one in a long line of innovative concepts", but it's one that has won a Design a Concept Award in the Red Dot International Design competition.
Innovative???! It's definitely SOMETHING!
Technology is most definitely advancing. Somehow, though, I don't think that this is something which scientists like Darwin could have predicted!

Viral Video: Harassment in NYC

Viral video Director Rob Bliss has teamed up with Hollaback! [a non-profit charity that attempts to end street harassment] in a  bid to document a typical lady's experience as she walks through the streets of New York City on the average day.
Bliss strapped a camera to his backpack and walked infront of a volunteer, Shoshana Roberts, capturing every moment. In just 10 hours, Shoshanna was verbally harassed over one hundred times -as you will notice in the video.
Roberts hid two microphones in her hands as she trekked across Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, and some areas of Queens, documenting all the comments she received.

Viral Video of the Day: Humanity is Restored, Help the Homeless

o2ThinkBig & Centre for London Will Host a Digital Media Workshop:

Are you a #YoungPerson? Do you want a #JOB in #DigitalMedia?  

@centreforlondon are collaborating w/ @O2UKThinkBig, so what's stopping you from coming along to the workshop on 9.12.14?