Saturday, 20 September 2014

Humanoid Robot Learns to Fly A Plane Virtually!

#NotInMyName Young British Muslims Campaign Against IS

YAWCAM: Yet Another WebCam

Yawcam is a webcam software for Microsoft Windows, and it's coded in Java. 

This CCTV is one of the coolest and safest ways to surveil a room or office whenever, and wherever you want.

All you'll need to do is fit a camera in the desired room, install the software and download the app, all free of charge.

The app features a round-the-clock LIVE FEED which lets you check your room whenever you want. 

Specs of Yawcam:
.: Streams LIVE Video OnDemand
.: Captures still images
.: Built-in webserver
.: Motion detection
.: Ftp-upload
.: Text and image overlays
.: Password protection
.: Notifications
.: Time scheduling system
.: Creates time-laps clips
.: Windows compatible
.: Bilingual

Wearable Technology With A Difference: Lechal Smart Shoes

Drunk Man Riding Sheep Gets The Shock Of His Life When It FIGHTS BACK!

WOW Video of the Day: Mother Monkey snatches Baby Monkey from Crocodile's Grip

Young Russian Motorcycle Stunt Champion plays prank on audience

REVIEW: Mobile Mondays

Last Tuesday, Mobile Monday hosted its annual Demo Night during Informa’s 10th Annual Service Delivery Innovation Summit at Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch.

Course Director, Julia Shallet, introduced 10 budding start-ups and their representatives – who stepped up to the podium and showcased their products to a large crowd.

    Good Food Talks

Good Food Talk is an app on iOS that was specially designed to help blind & visually impaired people, it describes itself as being “the smart way to read a menu”. 


This startup eliminates the bane of any multiple mobile phone owner's life. Basically, it exists to store all your numbers in ONE directory, so you won't have to carry extra phones. 


If you love quizzes, this app is the one for you. QuizTix features a selection of unique, entertaining and mobile quizzes invented to keep you occupied.


So, Mylo is pretty cool - it's your mobile accountant. All you need to do is download it, and it'll take care of your household bills and expenses.


I really loved this one! Grabyo is a stratum that enables users to share real time videos of live TV broadcasts onto Twitter, Facebook, the web and mobile.


Viewmaker is cool too... It's a cloud based augmented reality platform that lets you access maps more clearly and efficiently.


Food lovers, this one's for you! If you love food (whenever, wherever) - this app gives users the opportunity to order as well as track their meals OnDemand/7. 


Well, this one's confusing - in a good way. It's a mobile app that enables users to create mobile apps - simple as that!


IFS uses wearable technology (Samsung’s Galaxy Gear) to boost the efficiency of a workshop – all of which inside of a business environment.


OpenTRV promoted its 3D printed smart radiator device that takes full control of the household boiler and its sensors. At a click of a button, your house will be warm.

Once the demo event drew to a close, the audience and demoers were treated to an array of beverages, giving them a chance to network.

'Passenger Shaming' Instagram Profile Exposes Shameless Commuters:

Social-media is an open source for trolls and leakers.

It seems as though a minority of users enjoy nothing more than leaking pictures or videos of people - even without their consent.

Last year, a Facebook page called 'Women Who Eat on Trains' caused a major backlash when users were encouraged to illegally post images of women who eat on public transport.

The page caused controversy sparking a massive campaign which saw the founder eventually voluntarily taking it down.

Now, attention has moved onto 'shameless passengers' who are baring too much.

A new Instagram account pledges to shame passengers that are acting in ways that differ from the 'norm'.

To make matters worse, these images are of REAL people, who again, don't know that their privacy is being invaded.

However, if you're like the man in the picture, having the confidence to strip in front of strangers, you have nothing to worry about.

Viral Video of the Day: Australian Apple Fan Drops Very First iPhone6

Miracle of Life: The Growth of a Foetus