Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Homeless Man Leans To Code:


Yesterday, coding was implemented in classes across the UK.

As part of new plans to change the education system, coding (computer-prgramming) was introduced to classrooms across England.

This means that children as young as FIVE are learning the importance of coding, which in turn prolongs technology's longevity. 

So, to celebrate, here's a video of a homeless guy who learned to code. Since then, he's gone on to create an app.


Four Years Old and Insta Famous

Instagram is known for its way of creating 'Insta Famous Celebrities', but Ryker Wixom has got to be its youngest!
The four-year-old has become a famous fashion icon thanks to Instagram and his mum.
Ryker's mom, Collette Wixom, created the account five months ago as a means to show him off, but it's since blown up!
More than 100,000 people are following the account, just to check out what the mini fashion blogger is wearing.
Collette's blog 'Mini Style Hacker' explains that the purpose of the account was to upload photos of her son wearing high-quality clothing at a cheaper price.
Wixom first got the idea when she was shown images of other stylish kids dressed in designer outfits.
In a blog post, she wrote: “The first thing I noticed was the Gucci belt and Ferragamo shoes.” 
However, instead of dressing Ryker in the same brands, she blended most of her son’s already bought outfits and sale items from Gap, H&M, Old Navy and Zara Kids.
For little Ryker - who isn't a model or actor and who has no clue about social-media - these photos are just a bit of fun.
Although he's into fashion right now, that's not to say he always will be... In a recent interview about the future, Ryker said that he wants to fight Darth Vader.

Friday, 29 August 2014

#Selfie of the Day

Mark Cuban's "Cyber Dust"

LOL Video of the Day

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson:

The release of Will.i.am's SmartWatch is edging closer:

During yesterday's interview with Women's Wear Weekly, will.i.am wore a suave suit, exquisite EKOCYCLE shirt, and TWO of his SmartWatches -- one on each wrist. #SWAG!

Yes, that's the SAME watch that answered Cheryl's call LIVE on The Voice UK, and teased on Alan Carr's Chatty Man, a while ago.

Giving it the recognition it deserves, will.iam gushed about his upcoming 'wearable' by saying: “So the glasses are called ill.i and this is called i.am.plus. It’s a phone."

However, just as he was about to reveal some long awaited deets (details) about his eagerly anticipated SmartWatch, the Director of Integration interrupted:  "we’ll get into more of that later."

OH MAN :( - how much later?! The suspense is killing us over here!

Anyway, luckily for us Will continued: “this ‘wearable’ conversation is from tech people who want you to put things on your body, so first we have to design them in the same aesthetic as Gucciand Louis Vuitton and people who are making stuff we desire — then the tech should be invisible. So you need parallel paths. You need to make sure your stuff looks like something you desire to put on and not like something out of ‘Star Trek.’ Although I love ‘Star Trek.’”

Speaking of his future plans, Will mentioned that one day, he'd like to bring his ill.i's (eyewear range) and i.am.plus wearable together - which will no doubt create an entirely new conversation.

Will discussed plans to the two products by saying: "when you have things you put on your body that have tech in them, you need to design them the way you would design things that didn’t have technology in them. That’s why we’re starting with the aesthetics, like the glasses. Then we will put the tech in it, but all the while let’s start building the tech. You have to work in two silos: tech and fashion. All the while you know they are going to marry.”

He finished: “For me there is no diff between fashion and technology.
... Let’s just fast-forward five years from now — you couldn’t distinguish between tech and fashion, they are all the same thing. You gotta work as if five years is already here or you’ll wait five years from now and somebody will have already executed your vision.”

Basically, I've said it billions of times, but the man is a total legend and genius #LEGIUS 

Viral Video of the Day

What is the Earth worth?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Instagram is DOWN!

If you're an Instagram addict, are you going through withdrawals?

Yep, that's right --- the Facebook owned photo/video-app is down! This means that we're all forced to entertain ourselves in other ways...

So, what do you think the likes of Kim Kardashian (self-confessed Instagram addict) is doing right now?

Well, here's my top three tips of things you can do while Instagram is offline...

1) enjoy the moment without the need to photograph EVERYTHING you do!
2) eat without #crumbin'.
3) go to Kate Bush's concert.

That's right, singer Kate Bush is holding a concert at London's Hammersmith Apollo tonight where she has banned smartphones.

It's pretty coincidental how Instagram experiences a technical fault, today of all days?!

UPDATE: Instagram is FIXED, back to business!