Thursday, 24 April 2014

Time-Lapse Video


1. Skoda Yeti 

2. Skoda Citigo

3. Skoda Superb

4. BMW 5 Series

5. Kia Rio

6. MG6

7. Toyota Prius 

8. BMW 1 Series

9. Renault Captur

10. Kia Cee’d 

Apple iOS 7.1.1

Apple's new update, iOS 7.1.1., has left many iPhone users feeling angry causes after their devices crashed and their data was wiped. 

That's why it's REALLY important to keep your phone backed up via iCloud.

  • It all started when Apple rolled out its new iOS 7.1.1 software update earlier on in the week.

  • However, users that updated their handsets started complaining in their THOUSANDS that the update has 'bricked' their phone (a word used to describe a phone that won’t turn on).

  • Many users have also complained that they've had to reboot their phones and restore all their data since losing all their data.

  • The issue appears when the update is carried out wirelessly. But, Apple has not responded to reports.

  • Apple has advised its users to backup their phone before every update.

President Barack Obama meets Japan's ASIMO robot:

2040 Technology Revolution

According to a recent study, 2040 may be the year of technological revolution.

Apparently, futurologists, commissioned by global job search website, believe that in less than 30 years cabs will be driven by Google robots, shops will become showrooms for online outlets and call centres will be staffed by intelligent droids.

The study suggests that robots could inevitably take over our lives and our jobs.

Something which I've said from DAY ONE!

The researchers claim that humans will not only have to compete with each other but with ROBOTS too, as a rise in the robots population will see us heading to surgeons for ‘additional processing power for our brains’.

Daily Mail report that by 2040, humans will be able to have surgery to enhance their brain power and bionic implants in our arms that will improve our efficiency.

LOL! O. M. G. 

Researchers also we will have less job security while work working longer hours, thus limiting our social interaction and intimacy of the romantic variety...

Unlucky guys & dolls!

They predict that those who undergo the suggested surgeries and endure a less adventurous social life (putting work first) will be the biggest earners in 2040, they claim.

I could've told you that without being a researcher! Common sense shows that the more time you invest in a project, the better the reward in which you reap - SIMPLE, PIMPLE!

However, the study added that workers may be left with poor eyesight, smaller sexual organs, and constantly-furrowed brows as they struggle to keep up to life in the 21st century.

Experts expect the current 37.4 hour working week to increase by a third to 50.5 hours.

Facebook acquires Oculus Rift

Facebook's application to acquire VR headset firm, Oculus Rift, has been approved! 

Oculus, the world's leading virtual reality headset manufacturer, was founded by 21 year old college dropout Palmer Luckey and recently acquired by Facebook for $2b.

The company is currently is known for developing leading VR headsets, with one version currently being sold at $350.

Although nobody knows WHY on EARTH understands a social-network will want to acquire a Virtual Reality Headset manufacturer, Zuckerberg promises that the headsets will 'change the way we work, play and communicate'.

Apparently, one of Zuckerberg's plans is to expand advertising.

This news obviously puts Facebook in a direct battle with Sony, who are releasing a headset for the PS4 next year

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Maybe it's Photoshop

Meet Triana Lavey, the lady who's spent $15,000 on plastic surgery in order to look PHOTOSHOPPED.
The 38-year-old has had a chin implant, a nose job, cheek-defining fat grafts and regular botox and she now claims that she has the face she always thought she had.
The LA-native told ABC’s Nightline: ‘I look like myself, but Photoshopped.’
Ms Lavey says that she only became obsessed with her looks after she noticed the hype around social media.

BREAKER: World Record


Two men were videoed as they parachuted down 2,717ft.

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet broke the world record for the highest base-jump in death defying plunge!

The men jumped off Dubai's (and the WORLD'S) most highest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa with style!


Viral Video of the Day



This bird speaks Japanese, and it's DAMN good at it!



Happy Birthday William Shakespeare:

NASA: Earth From Orbit 2013