Wednesday, 20 August 2014

App of the Day: Hanx Writer

Tom Hanks - yes, Hollywood's very own - has released an iPad app!

Hanx Writer (named after the actor) combines the simplicity & precision of an iPad with the functionality of a manual typewriter.

Typewriters are old-school so I'm glad that they've been brought to smart-devices.


Font: typewriter
Sound: typewriter
Keyboard: typewriter

Once you've typed it out and saved it - you can print it and the style will remain the same.

I've downloaded it and think it's pretty darn BRILL!

Finally, it's free to download and can be found on Apple's App Store - so, what're you waitin' for?!

Vevo of the Day: Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Viral Video of the Day:

Here's a new video that's spreading in the viral-sphere like wildfire...

Since it was uploaded six days ago, it has attracted more than 3million views!

The video features a prankster who is trying to dupe a police officer into thinking that he's stealing someone else's car tyres.


Make your own GIFYouTubes in 6 SIMPLE STEPS:

Step One: choose a YouTube video

Step Two: pick your favourite segment of the clip (example - 0:20)

Step Three: log on to:

Step Four: type in the time of segment (example - start time: 0:20)

Step Five: decide on a length of GIF e.g 3 seconds

Step Six: share it, download it, watch it! It's My Birthday

Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feelin'

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You may have noticed that a lot of celebraties are taking part in something called ALS Ice Bucket challenge.
It's the latest Nek Nomination (no alcohol) to hit social media platforms.
The main purpose of this challenge id to raise money and awareness for neurodegenerative illness ALS. One of the most famous ALS sufferers is Sir Stephen Hawking.
Celebrities have been taking part and then nominating each other... If they fail to perform, they'll need to donate.

Viral Video of the Day: #ALSiceBUCKETchallenge

App of the Day: Trunx

Trunx_ Logo no tagline f
Since the rise of INSTAGRAM, photo apps have become all the rage! However, to move away from the mainstream — Trunx is definitely a relatively new photo app to shout about.

What is Trunx?

Trunx is a photo storage app that allows its users to snap, organise and store all their photos in a safe, private and secure storage vault for an unlimited amount of time.

The app works to free up storage on your smart device by uploading all of your photograph's to Trunx's secure cloud - allowing anytime, anywhere access to all your photographs and at your fingertips.  Users no longer need to worry about their device’s memory, as Trunx acts as  built-in app storage vault.
How does SharedPix work?
This feature lets users share their photos with friends and family privately.  And participants in the album are be able to view a live feed of  photographs which the Album owner has shared.
Hai Media Group had the opportunity to interview Trunx’s Marketing VP, Sandra Ponce de Leon, here’s what she had to say.

Monday, 18 August 2014

LEAKED: Sharp's new smartphone 'Aquos'

Another day, another smartphone promo, but this time it's courtesy of one of the leading electronics brands, Sharp.

It's quite a shock that a television manufacturer is dabbling in smartphones, but it could prove to be a great move... Especially when it's got a pretty good smartphone & electronics history.

According to trusted sources, Sharp's Aquous is expected to hit the US market soon.

Viral Video of the Day: