Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Twitter unveils "Twitter Cards"

If you love music and tweeting, you'll love Twitter Audio Cards! The social-network giant has teamed up with SoundCloud to get rid one of our biggest pet peeves.

Don't you just hate it when you're listening to music on Twitter and then it stops abruptly because you scrolled down before it stopped?

Well, Twitter and SoundCloud have the solution!

According to reports, Twitter has embedded "dockable" music players into its stream of messages, photos, and videos - this new feature is called "Audio Cards".

Twitter users who have updated their iOS or Android apps will now be able to listen to their followers' music files undisrupted, even if you scroll away from it.

Audio Cards works in the same way that videos, and pictures are shared... So, I could download a piece of sound and then upload it into a composed tweet, ready to share. One I've shared it, it'll appear on my followers' timelines, and it's up to them if they choose to hear it.

Rather than enduring the dreaded "stop, start, scroll back up, reload" setback, you'll now be able to listen to music without issues.

Apparently, users in the US are able to hear exclusive content from certain iTunes artists, prior to release. 

Viral Video of the Day: Are Women Safe?

Director, Vikas Bahl, has collaborated with Vogue magazine to produce a short film called "Going home".
The main purpose of this film is to raise awareness for women's safety.

"Going home" stars Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt, accepts a lift from five strangers after her car breaks down. The men drop her home safely, no problem.

However, this isn't the reality in some cases... Sadly, we live in a world where woman are inclined to feel unsafe when meeting strangers for the first time.

Bahl's video asks the question, is it possible for women to go freely, without fear of strangers?

Reddit GIF of the Day

A Reddit user has decided to personify his dog, for all entertainment purposes.

This is one of the strangest, yet funniest GIFs I've seen - I couldn't help but LOL!

I don't even need to explain it, because pictures speak a 1000 words.


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