Sunday, 20 April 2014

New York Auto Show

Vine of the Day: Llama on the RUN

#gOaTT reaction, or WHAT?


This has goat to be one of the most gOTT (Over The Top) reactions I've ever seen.

A lady screams dramatically as a goat sneezes while she feeds it some water.

If a sneezing panda became one of the MOST viewed clips on YouTUBE, I'm sure this video isn't far behind.

I'd imagine this is what you'd get if Taylor Swift ('Trouble') and the goat (parody) ever did a duet...

'Happy' (Easter) from Vine


What do you get when NINE smartphones are placed side by side and opened up to video-sharing app Vine, playing NINE different covers of Pharrell Williams' song, Happy?


Rob Scallon made this tribute after he realised 'one measure' of Happy was exactly 6 seconds long (the maximum length of a Vine clip).

Viral Video of the Day: Greedy Hamster

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Viral Video of the Day


Happy Easter to you all (again)!

This video will be sure to get you in the mood for tomorrow's celebrations! 

Hop's bunny playing the drums along to ft. Britney Spears Scream & Shout.



Emoji-nation running WILD!


Apparently, emojis are beginning to take over the world AND our conversations!

Daily Mail has reported that Global Language Monitor, a Texas based firm, has found that emoticon faces are on the Top 2014 List of Internet's most popular words.

  • The firm analysed and logged the most current trends in word usage to come up with its top 15 list.

  • Their survey scoped the word usage which featured in blogs and 300,000 global media titles in print and online, in order to come up with these findings

  • They found that the top trending word of 2014 (so far) is 'emoji' – a small digital images used to show an idea or emotion via gadget interaction.

  • Other words and phrases that are included in the Top 5 are: futebol, climate change, ghost plane and inflation. 

Facebook Nearby Friends

Facebook has launched a new service that allows its users to share their EXACT location with friends.

  • This means - if friends are nearby, the user's GPS system will inform them exactly where they are!

  • The social-network has named this feature something VERY imaginative: Nearby Friends. 

  • Rather than sharing the user's exact location, the feature notifies other users that they're nearby.

  • However, in order to activate the feature, a user will need to turn it on, so people shouldn't expect to broadcast their location unknowingly.

  • Most users won't have the feature available right away, but rather in the coming weeks and months and it won't be available to users under 18.

  • I take it that location-based apps are growing popularity then...

Friday, 18 April 2014

Viral Video of the Day


It's Easter, and this is the most heart-warming video you'll watch this weekend, #FACT!

Please watch as this 8 year old boy, suffering from a rare illness, fly like Iron Man.

It was his dream, and he made it into reality.



Happy Easter, folks!


As you know, today's Good Friday, and this weekend is Easter weekend.

So, what better way to celebrate, then watching funny Easter videos?

Well, this video shows a father telling his son that he's eaten all his candy.

Obviously, as you'd image his son isn't going to be too happy...

The video was shared last Easter and has received 10,000+ views on YouTube.

#HappyEaster, Lovers! <3

Apple Maps: Loch Ness Monster

Many people have claimed to have seen Scotland's Loch Ness Monster (a sea creature), but no hard evidence was found.

However, this may have all changed after none-other than GOOGLE MAPS picked up this suspicious image. 

Could this be the Loch Ness Monster?

To me it just looks like a strange looking octopus/jellyfish, but ANYTHING's possible!

Addicted to your BIKE?

 At first glance, (without looking at the title, you cheater!) WHAT would you think this is? 

A pill? WRONG 

An electric device? WRONG 

A bike? (not that you would) YES! 

This strange looking capsule is a bike, and it may just be the fastest one ever invented... 

Researchers believe that it could reach 90mph on pedal-power, alone! 

Name? Arion1 Velocipede 


It's being developed by researchers at Liverpool University 

The students are hoping that by building this futuristic bicycle, they could break last year's world record of 83.13MPH. 

What makes it SO fast? It's encased in a light carbon fibre shell, with the rider cycling in a near-horizontal position, just 5inches from the ground.